Asscher cut Loose Cubic Zirconia and Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale:
(For loose cubic zirconia,lab created sapphire,ruby,spinel and other Synethetic Gemstones)

Asscher Cut:

This elegant shape is a variation on a classic emerald cut, developed in 1902 by the venerable Asscher brothers in Holland. The Asscher cut is not a traditional choice but has gained deserved exposure recently because of celebrities wearing the cut. The uniqueness of this shape is defined by the pavilion, or bottom part of the diamond, that has a "scissor cut" with all facets step-cut down toward the culet, or point on the bottom. The blocked corners add to its geometric appeal, making the diamond appear almost octagonal. It is usually cut to a square outline as opposed to rectangular. This diamond shape is beautiful in a simple solitaire or in a setting that has simple geometric lines or side stones such as baguettes. Ideally, the setting for an Asscher cut should not hide the unique blocked corners.

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Colors Available:
Cubic Zircoinia stones:
White/Clear,Amethyst,Aqua,Black,Champagne,Garnet,Lavender,Orange,Olive,Peridot,Pink,Tanzanite,Violet, Yellow and much more…. Please check from our Website or send us your ideal colors to our Email.
Pictures are for your reference: 
The Following are the Normal sizes of Asscher Cut For your Reference:
Asscher Cut:
6×6mm          7×7mm               8×8mm              9×9mm           10×10mm      11×11mm           12×12mm          13×13mm            14×14mm      15×15mm          16×16mm           17×17mm
18×18mm     19×19mm            20×20mm

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