Nano opal faceted diamond cut gemstones China Wholesale

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Nano opal faceted diamond cut gemstones China Wholesale

What is Nano Gemstones ?

A: Nano Crystals are a new type of created gemstone made especially for jewellery. The colour is homogeneous, meaning that if you bought 100 emerald green nano crystal stones, the colour would be exactly the same in every stone. The material has been created with precious metal clay in mind, so any size gem should be kiln safe and blow torch safe with out colour change or damage.
* refractive index 1.5 – 1.7
* density 2.7 – 3.2 g/cm3
* Mohs scale of hardness 6.5 – 7 mohs

Nano Gemstones and Nano Crystals are the best choose for your jewelry casting and settings. 




At Fu Rong Gems, you can Buy White and Colored Nano faceted diamond cut Gemstones With high Quality at Wholesale Direct Factory prices from the Real China Professional Manufacturer and Suppliers.

Lab Created Sapphires stones wholesale for Jewelry

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Lab Created Sapphires stones wholesale for Jewelry
Many sapphire jewelry lovers are confused by the terminology used to describe “natural sapphires” that are sold on the market today.  Most sapphire sellers do not disclose if the natural gemstone has undergone any sort of treatment.

A real natural sapphire should be identified as a sapphire gemstone which was created in the ground.  It was not created in a lab, nor did it undergo any type of chemical procedure.  Using different techniques, when a natural sapphire undergoes chemical procedures, the color and clarity changes the gemstone, which in turn no longer makes it a true natural gemstone.

Synthetic sapphires, otherwise known as lab created sapphires, are those that are man-made which can be created by using different commercial methods.  Lab created sapphires have the same chemical composition and structure as natural sapphire gems that have come from the earth.  One of the largest differences between the two types of gems is that lab created gems are nearly perfect.  Naturally occurring sapphires typically have inclusions which will quickly give away their origin.  Most people who wear jewelry made with sapphires do not tend to know the difference between the two types of gemstones, but trained gemologists will usually be able to find the differences as they look for specific features while using magnification.

Natural untreated blue sapphires are rare, often riddled with imperfections, and quite costly blue beauties.  Our lab created blue sapphires are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and are perfectly suited to all types of jewelry creations.

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Jewelers are switching their inventory to sell loose cubic zirconia gemstones

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Jewelers are switching their inventory to sell loose cubic zirconia gemstones
Dallas police are on the hunt for suspects that pulled up to a jeweler with handguns drawn at the Hilton Anatole this past week.  The Dallas Morning News reported on December 20, 2013 that the armed men got away with the jewelers cell phone, laptop computer, and a whopping $700,000 in unspecified gemstones!   This theft comes on the heels of another jewelry heist which also occurred in Dallas in a hotel parking lot.  Reports are that three thieves brandishing a knife and gun took another jewelers goods which totaled $54,000 at the end of November.

Obviously the broad-daylight robberies are worrisome to police.  The first jeweler traveled to Dallas from Hong Kong and the second traveled to Dallas from Germany.  Police are speculating that the robbers could have followed the men from their homes and robbed them once they arrived in Dallas.

Natural gemstones may be considered to be hot commodities, but not worth risking your life over.  Perhaps the jewelers would consider switching their inventory to selling cubic zirconia gemstones instead.  Jewelry made with CZ stones and lab created gemstones are also a hot ticket as they are in high demand among cash strapped consumers throughout the entire United States.

Being that they look nearly identical to their natural counterparts, Loose CZ Stones would surely fool would-be robbers into believing that they have the real deal.  Can you imagine the fun of watching CZ gemstones being sold on the black market by thieves?  Despite their beauty and elegance, the thieves will likely get knocked upside the head for their stealing mishap!

Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones Helps to Celebrate a Film

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Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones Helps to Celebrate a Film:

Fantasia, the classic Disney film that first appeared in 1940, has now become the inspiration for an amazing line of eclectic and fashionable accessories from nOIr Jewelry.  Walt Disney Signature couldn’t have found a better partner to team up with on this endeavor as virtually all of nOIr’s pieces are as big, bold, brilliant and edgy as the vibrant imagery that is present in the iconic film.
Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones

The highly visual line from nOIr has taken specific and memorable moments from the Walt Disney classic and turned them into cutting edge pieces of high fashion artwork.  This is a collection of jewelry that will be adored by both old and new Fantasia fanatics and fashionistas who are always on the lookout for hot accessories that make a statement.

Designers from nOIr Jewelry used a variety of materials to create the inspiring pieces including both black and white cubic zirconia.  Using high quality cz helps to add the necessary sparkle without driving up the prices of the individual pieces.  The Fantasia inspired jewelry is available now on the nOIr Jewelry website and should be available at select retailers at some point this month.  The individual price tags on the Fantasia inspired line range from about two hundred dollars to one thousand dollars.

The designers from nOIr Jewelry managed to achieve a high fashion, fine jewelry aesthetic by using high quality cubic zirconia Stones instead of natural diamonds.  If the bold and brilliant pieces in this collection had been crafted from flawless white and black diamonds, the prices would have no doubt been substantially higher.  Using cz is a great way for designers to create looks that are bold and eye catching while still keeping the sale price in a range that the targeted group of consumers can afford.

What factors that affect the quality of Cubic Zirconia stones

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What factors that affect the quality of Cubic Zirconia stones? 
If you're a new Jeweler or new to Cubic Zirconia stones,Here're 3 factors that affect the quality of Cubic Zirconia you should know, it'll help you to start the business on Cubic Zirconia Jewelry.

1) Purity Of Rough Material
2) Cutting Technique
3) Polishing Technique

Purity of Rough CZ Material:

In order to have brilliant and flawless Cubic Zirconia, the quality of rough material used is of the highest importance. Cubic Zirconia was originally invented in the 1970s by the Russians for use in laser technology as the best diamond alternative. Later these high quality stones were introduced to the jewelry industry. Unfortunately, much of the Cubic Zirconia used today is mass produced. It is of inferior quality and is not made using the original Russian Formula. A low quality rough material is cloudy looking, soft and tends to be damaged easily. The CZ stones produced from such rough material are cheap looking and do not look like a real diamond. For clarity and brilliance, FU RONG GEMS prides itself on using only the original classic Russian Formula CZ. This makes all the difference in quality! FU RONG GEMS Cubic Zirconia stones have a 99.99% purity level. Our choice in high quality Cubic Zirconia stones in solid 14K, 18K gold and platinum settings assures that no one will know that you are not wearing real diamonds.

Cubic Zirconia Cutting Technique:


Another major point of difference between Birkat Elyon and the others is the cutting of the stone. There are 2 kinds of CZ: Machine-Cut and Hand-Cut Cubic Zirconia. Mass-produced Cubic Zirconia saves in manufacturing costs but sacrifices quality. Mass-produced CZ stones are made by machine. What sets FU RONG GEMS apart is we use only the world’s finest, hand-cut stones. Each stone is individually cut with great precision. This painstaking work is done by hand, by highly trained professionals. For the final quality check, each stone is examined with a special magnifying glass and any imperfect stones are discarded. Be aware that not every hand-cut CZ is considered top quality. It all depends on the technique and the experience of the cutter. A hand-cut CZ that is not cut with precision and proper technique will not look as brilliant or as real looking as expensive diamonds.

CZ Polishing Technique:

Last but not least, is the polishing technique used on the stones. Even a Cubic Zirconia stone that is made of highest quality rough material and is hand-cut by highly trained professionals won’t look brilliant if it’s not polished properly. Polishing technique is extremely important in the final step of producing a top quality CZ. The mass produced machine-cut Cubic Zirconia is not polished as thoroughly as the hand-cut CZ and the material that is used is of lesser quality. Machine-cut CZ has a thicker girdle, which is the outer edge of the stone, while FU RONG GEMS's top quality CZ has a thin, polished girdle the same as diamonds. Usually a low quality CZ is identified by their thick unpolished girdle and a lack of overall brilliance. FU RONG GEMS uses only the most expensive and effective material to bring out the brilliance of the Cubic Zirconia. With our unique and thorough polishing technique our stones have the shimmering, sparkling beauty of priceless diamonds.

Cubic Zirconia 5A Best Top Quality Stones China Wholesale

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CZ White 5A Best Quality Stones China Wholesale:

At Fu Rong Gems, you can buy CZ White 5A Best Quality Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones & synthetic gemsotnes at Wholesale Direct Factory prices from the Real China Professional Manufacturer and Supplier.
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