Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones Helps to Celebrate a Film:

Fantasia, the classic Disney film that first appeared in 1940, has now become the inspiration for an amazing line of eclectic and fashionable accessories from nOIr Jewelry.  Walt Disney Signature couldn’t have found a better partner to team up with on this endeavor as virtually all of nOIr’s pieces are as big, bold, brilliant and edgy as the vibrant imagery that is present in the iconic film.
Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones

The highly visual line from nOIr has taken specific and memorable moments from the Walt Disney classic and turned them into cutting edge pieces of high fashion artwork.  This is a collection of jewelry that will be adored by both old and new Fantasia fanatics and fashionistas who are always on the lookout for hot accessories that make a statement.

Designers from nOIr Jewelry used a variety of materials to create the inspiring pieces including both black and white cubic zirconia.  Using high quality cz helps to add the necessary sparkle without driving up the prices of the individual pieces.  The Fantasia inspired jewelry is available now on the nOIr Jewelry website and should be available at select retailers at some point this month.  The individual price tags on the Fantasia inspired line range from about two hundred dollars to one thousand dollars.

The designers from nOIr Jewelry managed to achieve a high fashion, fine jewelry aesthetic by using high quality cubic zirconia Stones instead of natural diamonds.  If the bold and brilliant pieces in this collection had been crafted from flawless white and black diamonds, the prices would have no doubt been substantially higher.  Using cz is a great way for designers to create looks that are bold and eye catching while still keeping the sale price in a range that the targeted group of consumers can afford.