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>Before the Ordering:
>Shipping Costs:
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Sales Tax:
1.The Prices we quote are EXW Prices, Not FOB Prices, The Government in China Mainland Will Charge us 4% tax when we export the goods. So,To all customers worldwide,a 4% sales tax will be charged to your order.  -------Payment Through Paypal.
2.100% Free of Sales Tax,The Prices we quote are EXW Prices.
 -------Payment Through Telegraphic Transfer (T.T). To Our HK Bank.
When Ordering: Your Delivery Address details are required:
Consignee:  __________________________
Address: _____________________________
Post code:____________________________
Tel/Mobile No:________________________
(All the infomatin above are required when fill in the Express Bill.-We'll protect the Privacy of information collected of Customers )
Customs & Sales Tax:
The International shipping rate does not include customs duties. You will be responsible for paying customs duties upon recieving your purchase, if any, to your country's customs tariff system. If you are interested in knowing what the charges are, please visit
Please note: Fu Rong Gems is based in the China.
All orders are processed and mailed from our Factory or Office Address.
Please use the chart below to determine which shipping option is right for you.All shipping occurs on business days only unless otherwise specified.Shipping Methods/Options: DHL,USP,FedEx,EMS,TNT.
Prices For Reference of Jan-Feb in 2015 (By DHL Express): (Currency: USA Dollar):
Delivery time: Around 4 Days
Tracking Facility: Online Tracking Available
Tracking Website:
Country Zone Destination/Country

First 0.5kg

Additional 0.5kg

 Zone 1  Hong Kong,Macau $10.00 $3.00
 Zone 2 South Korea;Malaysia;Thailand;Philippines;Singapore;Taiwan   $2300 $6.00
 Zone 3 Japan  $25.00 $6.00
 Zone 4 Indonesia;Cambodia;Vietnam;Australia;New Zealand   $28.50  $6.00
 Zone 5 USA;Mexico;Canada  $30.00 $6.50
 Zone 6 Belgium;Netherlands;Luxembourg;Italy;Germany;France;UK;San Marino  $28.50 $6.00
 Zone 7 A:South Asian;Bhutan;North Korea;Bangladesh,Myanmar(Burma);Srilanka  $34.00 $7.50
 Zone 7 B:North Eur:Ireland,Austria;Denmark;Finland;Sweden;Switzerland;Spain  $28.50 $6.00 
 Zone 8 A:Panama;Paraguay;Brazil;Puerto Rico;Dominica;Chile;Cuba;Afghanistan   $35.00 $8.50 
 Zone 8 B:Nigeria;South Africa;Russian;Bulgaria;Poland;Czech;Pomania;LIthuania  $38.00  $8.00
 Zone 9 C:Bahrain;Iran;Turkey;Egypt;Qatar;Kuwait;Jordan;United Arab Emirates  $33.00  $7.00
 Zone 10 Congo;Sierraleone;Niger;Angola;Centralafrican Republic;Guinea-Bissau  $35.00  $8.00
Prices For Reference(By DHL Express): (Currency: USA Dollar)
If you're not in hurry, you can choose to ship by China Post (Regular International Mail Service.):
 G.W.( Grams)  Zone 1 (Asia Countries)   Zone 2 (Middle East)        Zone 3 (Europe)   Zone 4 (South America)

100 Grams 





200 Grams 





300 Grams





400 Grams





500 Grams





More Grams, Please contact our Sales Rep. for the Exactly shipping cost.
Delivery time: 2-4 Weeks
Tracking Facility: Only Proof of post Available Online
Tracking Website: 
Note:  Please allow up to 24 hours before shipping for order processing.
Prices Above are the Quoted By our Courier Account.
(For Your Reference Only,And Please confirm the Exactly Price with us When Ordering)
You can use your own Courier Account to pay the Shipping cost.
Shipping Rules and Regulations:

While most orders begin the shipping process immediately, please expect 24 hour period to process your order. Shipping occurs once payment is approved, the address is verified, and the Item/Packing is verified in a good condition.

International Shipping Taxes, Tariffs, & Duties The listed shipping fees do not include charges imposed by your country's Customs Agency.The package recipient is fully responsible for any additional fees imposed by customs, including any tariffs and duties. Sometimes customs will charge a fee, and other times they will not. If you have any questions regarding tariffs and duties please call the Customs Agency for your respective country.

Tracking An Order:

Packages may be tracked online only Global Express mail packages are trackable. Global Express mail packages can be tracked online. If you cannot locate your tracking information, please call us e-mail us .Our customer service representative will be happy to help you.

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